At the end of February we will have New Pro Versions of our popular eCropScout. This will include database interface and an iPhone Sync.

The app is available for both Apple and Android. You can view how to use the apps on YouTube under eCropScout.

Description of App

eCropScout is designed to be used by crop consultants, farmers, seed dealers, agronomists and agricultural professionals.

eCropScout has been developed by Prairie Farm Club, Inc; a website used by the agricultural community to deliver real-time crop condition maps. eCropScout is integrated into our website ( to deliver real-time information about crop conditions.


Easy to navigate App for farmers, agronomists and agricultural professionals to save all their information: field scouting, Insect and disease scouting, chemical applications, fertilizer/manure applications, planting data, and harvesting data.

Crop scouts, agronomists and agricultural professionals will scout farm fields and enter data about the field crops. They then can save, email or print the scouting report to their growers.

The App allows importing field maps, Google Maps, and taking pictures of the field. You can also draw your own maps or draw on any of the imported maps and pictures. The map will print on the 2nd page or back of a scouting report. You can view the map by clicking on the View Map button.

Field information is stored on the iPad in iBooks for emailing or printing.

Allows placement of your own label or logo on the scouting sheet.



All Apps: The key to a successful app is ease of use, and eCropScout’s design is built with that in mind. All apps allow you to add grower, crop and condition information. You can have the option to add a map that will print on the 2nd page or back of the form. Whether you’re in the tractor or scouting a field you can now easily keep track of all your field information.

Reduce your paper work and send the field data to anyone in real time

Send your field information to your desktop computer for future reference

Weed Scouting App: Most of the data entry consists of pull downs for quick reports. You can add your own weeds and the App will remember what you entered. Recommended chemical application information is very easy and quick to enter.

Insect and Disease Scouting App: Pull downs for quick data entry. Add any insect and disease to you scouting sheet. Application area for recommended treatment.

Fertilizer/Manure Application App: An app to make recommendation for applications or use to keep all your records on applications. Keep records on Fertilization and draw in the area spread for each field. You can keep your required manure applications for each field so you have all the information needed for feedlot permits. The best part is you can easily make a map showing the area applied.

Planting Application App: Keep track of all your varieties and areas planted. Gives you the number of bags needed by the area. You can record your insecticides, fertilizer and seed treatments. You can add any other items you want to record.

Chemical Application App: Have one easy place to record all your required information. Pull-downs for quick data entry. Products can be added to by the user and the app remembers those products. Area sprayed can be shown with the map system.

Harvest Scouting App: As you harvest your field you can record all the important information. If you see a weed problem, pull up a map and draw in the needed information. Keep track of varieties, rows around, length of ear, yield and root and stalk quality.

The seamless connection to Prairie Farm Club website allows you to benefit from your work. With farmers, agronomists and agricultural professionals supplying crop conditions, the guessing about how the crop is progressing around the country is over.



Users of eCropScout agree to become Members/Reporters at the Prairie Farm Club website

Each scout registers at the Prairie Farm Club website before eCropScout use and will become Silver Members of the site. You gain free access to crop condition information throughout the growing season.

eCropScout App Only sends crop condition information to the Prairie Farm Club website. All personal information is kept with the iPad and only date, crop, crop stage, moisture, state, county, crop condition, irrigation, population, % County planted, and Scout/Consultant ID are sent to the Prairie Farm Club website.

The eCropScout is free. The reason it is free is because when you use the App and save the information you automatically send our website the crop condition information. No personal information is collected.

You can see how to use the Apps at YouTube and search eCropScout.


Weed Identification Guides

You can down load these weed guides for your iPad, iPhones and Android devices.

The Weed Identification Field Guide, CSI 0003, authored in 2010 by Iowa State University Extension specialists or at

University of Missouri Extension Weed Guide: or

or for web version